Lectern II Professonal

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FeaturesSlide preparation Included printer driver allows preparation...

FeaturesSlide preparation Included printer driver allows preparation of slides using most Windows programs Lectern can be used to prepare slides containing remarks Recording Captures voice, displayed slides, pen/mouse movements, remarks added using the pen/mouse Create new slides during presentation (Empty slides; Clean copies of slides obscured by remarks) Continuous backup prevents loss of data in case of problems Editing Supports cut/paste and multi-level undo Publishing Integrated upload to FTP/HTTP servers or to the Lectern Server Extensions Playback uses the free multi-platform RealOne Player (www.

real. com) Keywords for printed slides are automatically extracted and published for search engines Server Extensions Keyword search for lectures Automatic update of index pages referencing newly uploaded lectures Lectures can be offered for easy download as single (zipped) files automatically.